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How to Win a Krump Battle

Learn how to win a krumping battle in this Howcast dance video with choreographer Jamal Cumberbatch.


I am Jamal Cumberbatch. This is Eternity Dance Academy and this is how we do it here. Check us out even more at
This is an introduction to krump dancing. Are you guys ready? 'Cause I know I am, here we go.
How do you win a battle? Just like I said, you have to make sure your training. You have to know your rounds. Musicality is really important. When you listen to the music, you have to know what the music is saying. So you have to make sure that you can basically, show the music in your dance; show them your tricks, show them your arm-strings, show them your technique, show them your form, show them your style, show them your character. Thats the biggest thing, if you have character in your Krump, its going to be great, awesome. Its all about the trick, the kill-off. The kill-off is like the 3-point shot at the end of the game- either you can make it, or you break it. So I suggest you try to practice as much as you can, and make it. The kill-off is very important- It's the last move of your round. If you have a great kill-off, you have a great trick and you have a great form, people are going to see it and their going to understand it. Know your music, know your dance, thats how you have musicality. And thats what makes your Krump style better.

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