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How to Parkour with Ann Kaczka

Learn about Ann Kaczka, one of Howcast's parkour experts, in this video.


My name's Ann Kaczka and I've been practicing Parkour since 2007. My first day of training was with David Belle in the Inner New Yorker Festival and since then I've trained solo climbing trees in Thailand. Um, here in New York City is where I make my home and I've also been to Paris and London to train. I like meeting other people, did see um Parkour for the first time in the media, in films, on Youtube um. But my interest was really spiked when I did notice there was a lack of female representation at the time that I did start training, so that was sort of an extra incentive for me to get into the scene, try and help other girls to feel like they can train, create a comforting environment and atmosphere where they are able to train, and that was really my main motivation in starting Parkour. Andrew Wood, who will be assisting me today, is a Parkour practitioner of 6 years and also a personal coach and a Parkour coach. And today, I'm here to talk to you about Parkour.

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