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How to Pick Out Motorcycle Gear

Learn how to choose motorcycle gear in this Howcast motorcycle video with expert Kenyon Kluge.


My name is Kenyon Kluge. I'm from Santa Cruz, California. I'm a team owner and rider for K Squared Racing. I'm also the team manager and rider for Zero Motorcycle Racing. If you want to find out more information about me you can look at my website, or for more information on Zero Motorcycles go to And now I'm going to talk to you about motorcycles. Choosing motorcycle gear is really about first establishing what conditions you are going to be riding in, are you a fair weather rider that just rides when it is sunny and nice out or are you going to be commuting to work and whether it is rain, shine, snow slede and that is really going to tamper the type equipment you buy and how much equipment you buy. You buy summer equipment and winter equipment to combat those two things, so the first thing is really establish where you are going to ride in and then what type of equipment you need to buy for that riding. From there you need to really buy equipment that is really going to protect you first and foremost and then second think about want, comfort, and then of course style. So, you know the real basics is you know a good helmet, make sure it is DOT or _ approved that will be marked on the back of the helmet. The next thing you really need is a good pair of gloves, make sure they are sturdy, have good protection if you are going to be riding in the summer, some great light weather gloves. If you are going to be riding in winter, make sure they are Gore-Tex lined, but still have some armor, they are going to protect you in the event of an accident. Then a jacket, jacket is very important. If you are going to be riding in the summer, leather jacket is great. They also make some _ jackets that have Gore-Tex lining or nylon protective on the outside and make sure they have some armor in it so that if you crash, the gear does its job. Again, picking some good boots, but again it will give you some ankle support, make sure that you do not get a twisted foot by leaning over on it or if the bike falls over, your boot is going to protect you, so that is very important. From there, buying equipment that is going to keep you warm is also important. If you cannot feel your body, if you are not comfortable you are not going to ride well, so at the times of winter I would buy a cheap rain suit that would replaceable if it gets ripped and just wear it over my leather's another gear. People that commute a lot might buy some one piece suits that will do the job of both protection and warmth and that is _, but really the most important thing is with equipment you get what you put into it, so spending a little extra money in the long run is going to pay off both in comfort, in safety, and longevity of the gear that you buy.

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