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How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet

Learn how to clean a motorcycle helmet in this Howcast motorcycle video with expert Kenyon Kluge.


My name is Kenyon Kluge. I'm from Santa Cruz, California. I'm a team owner and rider for K Squared Racing. I'm also the team manager and rider for Zero Motorcycle Racing. If you want to find out more information about me you can look at my website, or for more information on Zero Motorcycles go to And now I'm going to talk to you about motorcycles. So, the best way to clean a motorcycle helmet is first to prepare a solution. Probably there are a number of different things that you can look up to people already use but I like using just a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol. And I'll take just, you know, like a window cleaner spray bottle here and mix about 50% water and 50% of alcohol that will help it to evaporate. From there, take the helmet. Most helmets at the very least have removable cheek pads. They remove in a number of different ways so you should look at how your manufacturer advises you to remove them. They also often have some kind of a release tab inside here and then you can go ahead and pull them up and out. This snap together; these can even be hand washed and then inserted back in the helmet. Once you remove those, some helmets may also have a removable lining on the inside. If yours does, you should look up how your manufacturer recommends removing it. You can pull it out, again hand wash it. You can use a detergent if you like, I'm doing that. And then just go ahead and take your spray bottle and spray out the inside of your helmet lightly and wipe clean. And leave it in a warm place with it up so that the fumes can the helmet and make sure your visor is open and it dries completely before you go riding. So I recommend keeping it inside somewhere in open, we want the environment to allow it to dry completely. On the external, you can use just a simple glass cleaner. Spray around all the vents and clean all the bugs off. Removing your visor, again I would recommend here how your manufacturer recommends doing it. Usually the user manual will show you. They often have some kind of a release tab that you can push down and it pops right open. Don't force it, allow to pop up and it should pop off easily. And again when it goes back together, it should just pop back into place very easily. You could remove this, what I like doing as it allows getting at all the back holes. You really get a good clean in there and you can also clean your visor separately. Just put some soap and water and it will come cleaner, be smoke free.

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