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How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Battery

Learn how to maintain your motorcycle battery in this Howcast motorcycle video with expert Kenyon Kluge.


My name is Kenyon Kluge. I'm from Santa Cruz, California. I'm a team owner and rider for K Squared Racing. I'm also the team manager and rider for Zero Motorcycle Racing. If you want to find out more information about me you can look at my website, or for more information on Zero Motorcycles go to And now I'm going to talk to you about motorcycles. Maintaining your motorcycle battery is easy if you ride your motorcycle all the time, but if you are going to store you motorcycle for any length of time, especially more than a month, you should think about how to maintain your motorcycle battery cuz it will go dead over time. And the longer you let it sit the worse off it gets and the shorter the life is going to be. So if you're going store your motorcycle battery you should do one of a few things. You can start a charging regime where you either come out and start up the bike and run it and ride it around a little bit. For some period of time. Just starting it up and idling it is not sufficient. At idle the motorcycle draw almost more current than it's putting into the battery and your not going to get much of charge into it. If you're going to charge it. Just use a normal battery charger. You can often times remove the seat and some cases the motorcycles have the battery at the front here, but most of the time they're under the seat. You can just lift the rubber boot and put your charger right across the two terminals. You can leave it connected if you want. It won't hurt the motorcycle at all. If you're going to remove your battery to charge it or to just bring it in your garage and make sure you leave it on charger remove these two bolts. Just pull it straight out. If you do store it do not store it on the cement ground. Put in on a shelf or on some wood up off the ground. That'll help it and keep it from discharging. And one other thing you can do is a battery tender, which is available at most auto stores, is a really good device. It watch and monitor your battery and top it off from time to time. Most modern batteries are sealed so you should not remove the plugs to add any water. Once you seal them up initially or if they come sealed from the factory that's the way they should stay for the life of the battery. Other than that the best thing for your battery is to ride it often.

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