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How to Combine Basic Slap Bass Techniques

Learn how to combine basic slap bass techniques from musician Sam Lipman in this Howcast slap bass lesson.


Hi, my name is Sam Lipman. I'm a multi-instrumentalist. I make records and I will be releasing my first solo debut record here in the fall called 'A' for Aphorisms. Check it out We are gonna be playing some slap bass. Combining basic techniques. I wanna combine thumbing with popping, and with hammering, and with pulling off. So let's look at this riff right here. Okay, so we've got thumb, followed by a pop, then I'm gonna slide down here, I'm gonna thumb down, and then hammer. So. I'm gonna continue the riff, with a similar technique down here. And I want to show you a little hammer here. Or, and then, hammer. You try that. Hammer, hammer. And that was a pull off right there. Happy slapping!

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