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How to Attend a Motorcycle Track Day

Learn how to attend a track day in this Howcast motorcycle video with expert Kenyon Kluge.


My name is Kenyon Kluge. I'm from Santa Cruz, California. I'm a team owner and rider for K Squared Racing. I'm also the team manager and rider for Zero Motorcycle Racing. If you want to find out more information about me you can look at my website, or for more information on Zero Motorcycles go to And now I'm going to talk to you about motorcycles. Track days are now widely available, and very easy to get into, and very affordable. It's a very good way to improve your riding skills on the street by attending a motorcycle track day. So first of all you should identify a track in your area that you want to go to. And then go check out their website. A lot of times they'll have a calendar, they'll have what organizations are going to be holding track days at the track, and many times they'll have links directly to their site. Once you've located an organization, read through their information and make sure you know what gear they're going to require, what they require of your motorcycle as far as preparation, and what you need to expect once you get there. If it's your first day then you should definitely sign up for generally what they call the C group. And generally the C group also comes with some instruction and some classroom time. Take advantage of that classroom time. Once you do that, make sure you have the right equipment. You should start by at least making sure you have a good helmet, leather boots, gloves, and back protector that are all in good condition and that meet all the requirements of the track day organization that you're going to attend. Some of them will allow two-piece suits with a zip-together in the middle and others won't. So check with your track day organization. As far as your bike, make sure it's clean, that your tires are in good condition, there's no oil leaking, everything is tightened down, all your bolts are tight and prepped, and your bike is in generally good condition. It's really for your safety as much as everybody else's safety there at the track. Once you're there, make sure you come prepared with food and water so you don't get dehydrated throughout the day. You're going to be out on the track quite a bit and it's very physical exercise. Go out and enjoy yourself. The track day organization is going to tell you what you need to know, there are going to be instructors there to guide you, and don't be afraid to ask for help, and most importantly: ride within your limits once you're there. You're going to keep it upright and enjoy yourself a lot more if you go and just have a good time.

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