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How to Win an Airsoft War

Learn how to win an airsoft war in this Howcast video featuring airsoft experts Payton Kemper and Josh Meyer.


Hi, my name is Payton. I'm the manager of Airsoft Hero located in the historic district of Hampden in Baltimore, Maryland. And I'm Joshua Meyer. I'm the tech here at Airsoft Hero. Our store features AEGs, accessories, apparel. We also buy used guns, accessories and apparel and we also do quality tech work. Any details you can find on our website at And we'll be talking to you about airsoft. Winning an airsoft battle depends on the type of airsoft game that you play. If you were to play a deathmatch style sort of game, its basically the last man standing. You have your team trying to take out the enemy team. If you were playing a capture the flag type of game, the point is to get the flag and take it back to your base while losing as little members of your team as possible, while also keeping the other team from getting their flag. another popular game type is VIP in which you have to escort somebody from one side of field to the other without them getting injured. a lot of the times if you're not the VIP you're going to be used as a human shield to take the fire, just as long as that VIP survives. Another good technique for any game type is to wear the proper camouflage for the area. you don't necessarily want to wear a desert style camouflage if you're going to be running through the woods and vice-versa. you want to utilize cover and concealment, cover to keep the fire off you, and concealment to keep yourself hidden. you want to make sure you have enough ammunition, you have a spare battery if you're out there for a long time, and any gear you think you may need to get the upper hand on the enemy, that's what you want to keep on you, and you need to make sure it's handy at all times.

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