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What Does it Mean if My Teeth Hurt or Have Shifted?

Learn what it means if your teeth hurt or have shifted from Shane Methal DDS in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Dr. Shane Methal, here at Greene Street Dental in SoHo, New York. I've been in private practice both in Maryland and consequently back in New York for the last 17 years. My office website is, that's green with an "e" at the end, and today I'm going to be talking about teeth and dentistry.

Well, it's important to see your dentist to identify the cause. Your teeth can hurt for a variety of reasons. These could include gum or teeth problems, problems with the nerves of the teeth, resulting from cavities or cracks in teeth, chipped or broken teeth, infections. If teeth shift, it could be a sign of orthodontic problems requiring braces or gum problems, requiring the need of a periodontist or specialist. Make sure you see your dentist to rule in the specific cause. If your teeth are shifting, it may be a sign of advancing gum disease or orthodontic problems that may require braces to correct.

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