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How to Ride a Motorcycle in a Group

Learn how to ride a motorcycle in a group in this Howcast video with expert Kenyon Kluge.


"My name is Kenyon Kluge. I'm from Santa Cruz, California. I'm a team owner and rider for K Squared Racing. I'm also the team manager and rider for Zero Motorcycle Racing. If you want to find out more information about me you can look at my website, or for more information on Zero Motorcycles go to And now I'm going to talk to you about motorcycles.
Riding a motorcycle in a group can be a very fun thing. There's a few, you know, very simple rules to make it more enjoyable and to make sure everybody is safe. When riding in a group you should make sure that you know the route; you're not surprised by people turning off in one place or another, so always ask before you leave which direction you're going. The next thing is, when you do ride in a group, you should ride in an offset pattern. So not side by side but staggered a little bit so if one rider is to the left, you should be to the right of the lane and back just a little bit. And then the next rider, again, on the other side and back just a little bit from you. When you go into corners, though, you should spread out and go single file through the corners. Always make sure you ride smoothly and predictably so nobody is surprised by your actions. One key element is to always maintain your vision up ahead of the other riders. So don't just look at the rider ahead of you, look at the group ahead, just like you would look through a corner when you're riding normally and make sure that you can react to what the rest of the group is doing, not just what the rider in front of you is doing. And finally, you should ride your own ride. Don't be pressured by the group to go faster than you're comfortable going. Everybody needs to ride at their own speed and the group will adjust to that so it's a fun, relaxed ride, not a, not an all out ride. And finally you should just enjoy being in the group for riding in the group. It's a little different than riding by yourself but it can be a lot of fun and really enjoyable and more of a social aspect of riding. "

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