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How to Tie a Bowline Knot

Learn how to tie a bowline knot in this Howcast boating video with expert Toby Stull.


Hi, my name is Toby Stull and I'm captain with Out in the Water Sailing. We're an adventure sports sailing company, providing charters, sailing lessons, vessel training and consulting. Please visit our website at We're here today in Liberty Harbor to talk about boating. A bowline is a very strong knot, its used to tie a line around any type of fixed object, in sailing bowlines are used to tie the lines to the sails, they are also used for all kinds of docking, the reason you use a bowline is not only for its strength but also because you can put as much tension on the line as you want and still untie it fairly simple, to make a bowline take your line and put a loop in it with the top of the loop in the direction of the object you want to tie to, bring your line around the object, bring it up through the loop, around the line of where its coming from and back down through the loop in the same direction, pull it tight and there is your bowline, that line is not going anywhere, to untie it simply pull up on your loop and pull the line out and off it goes.

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