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How to Pick an Airsoft Gun

Learn how to choose an airsoft gun in this Howcast video featuring airsoft experts Payton Kemper and Josh Meyer.


Hi, my name is Payton. I'm the manager of Airsoft Hero located in the historic district of Hampden in Baltimore, Maryland. And I'm Joshua Meyer. I'm the tech here at Airsoft Hero. Our store features AEGs, accessories, apparel. We also buy used guns, accessories and apparel and we also do quality tech work. Any details you can find on our website at And we'll be talking to you about airsoft. Most of the Airsoft guns use the exact same internal parts, and are similar to something like this right here. This is just a gear box. And this houses, basically, everything that every Airsoft gun uses. They all have, you know, motors and gears and things like that. And they can all be upgraded equally. The main thing that you wanna look for is basically what's going to be comfortable in your hands. You're not going to want something that's too big for you to carry around, too heavy for you to carry around. You want something that's going to be easy for you to move and manipulate. And to be able to carry for, you know, 20 minutes at a time. This will be an AK-47. I'm pretty sure you've probably seen it in Call of Duty, and things like that. The M4A1, this is the CQB model, very small. Another would be an M249, very large, very heavy gun. And then, something that is iii. This would be a sniper rifle, and is literally for long range use. Any of the guns here can be modified internally, just the same as the next one. So it all feels, it all comes down to, basically, how it feels in your hand. If you're a smaller person, you may want something like the small CQB M4 that I showed. Another thing, if you're a larger person, like myself. The Bear over here, or the M249 that I showed would also be something that you would be able to use. It also depends on what kind of game you're playing. If you're going to be indoors, you're not gonna be wanting to play with a gun that's coming up to here on me. Which, I'm about 6 foot. And the Bear is roughly about 56 inches long. It's a very big gun. You're not gonna want to use that indoors. You're probably gonna wanna come around with one of the little smaller CQB guns.

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