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Benefits of a Power Conditioner

Learn why you might want to invest in a power conditioner from audio expert Jon Zimmer in this Howcast video.


My name is John Zimmer. I'm the owner of Sound Representation, which specializes in the sales of high end audio equipment. I really learned everything that I know about high end audio from working at this store that we're sitting in right now, Stereo Exchange. I'm gonna teach you what to look for when you wanna shop for a stereo.

An amplifier is a device that's taking alternating current from the wall, turning it into direct current, storing it in storage capacitors. And it's releasing this power to your speakers based on the signal it's getting from your source component. So, if the current that you're pulling from the wall is not pristine, it's gonna affect your audio sound quality in a major way. Investing in a high quality power conditioner that's going to block all that noise from your system, and isolate your system from all of the dirty power that's coming into your house. You'll get a lot of benefits by plugging your computer and your CD player and your cable box, and all those things into a power conditioner. It really makes a drastic improvement in your sound.

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