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What Are Speaker Stands?

Learn all about speaker stands from audio expert Jon Zimmer in this Howcast video.


My name is John Zimmer. I'm the owner of Sound Representation, which specializes in the sale of high-end audio equipment. I really learned everything that I know about high-end audio from working at this store that we're sitting in right now, Stereo Exchange. I'm going to teach you what to look for when you want to shop for a stereo. Using bookshelf speakers on stands, as opposed to putting them on a bookshelf almost always results in better sound. There are no real cons to using a speaker stand. What speaker stands do is they put the speaker at ear level. The other thing they do is they decouple the speaker from the floor. Any vibrations from the floor are not gonna make it up to the speaker. And any vibrations from the speaker are not gonna make it down to the floor. When speakers are on stands, you've got great flexibility in terms of moving them, you know, farther out from the wall, closer into a wall. Really centering them around your ideal listening position.

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