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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Build and Use a Minecraft Jukebox

Learn how to build and use a jukebox in Minecraft with this Minecraft tutorial.


One of my favorite elements in the game Minecraft is actually the music. Something cool you can do is find these music discs as treasure in dungeons and listen to the music from the game whenever you like. However, to do that you're going to need a jukebox. You can craft a jukebox with one diamond and eight wooden planks. Approach your crafting table and lay out your wooden planks like so, in a box formation and fill that box with this one diamond and there you go, that's a jukebox. Pull that down into your quick bar. Pull down a music disc as well. Now with your music disc selected, right-click on the jukebox to play it.

Now just like in real life, to eject the music disc simply punch the media player. Jukeboxes can be broken down, carried and replaced. That's how you can build a jukebox and listen to some music discs in Minecraft. Don't actually punch your computer now except actually do.

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