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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Survive Your First Night in Minecraft

Learn how to survive your first night in Minecraft with this Minecraft tutorial.


Okay, let's get started by opening up the application Minecraft. And you'll see here, a subtitle, that's different every time you run the program. Right now it says survive, which is exactly what we're going to do. So click on single player. And you will see all the worlds that you've created. If this is your first time playing, you'll have to create a new world. So click this button right here. You can name your new world whatever you like, I'm going to leave mine as New World.

Here you can put a seed for world generator. A seed is any sequence of letters or numbers that the game uses and references to generate the blocks around you. What that means is, if I put in a word and you put in the same word, then Minecraft will generate the same map for both of us, regardless of what machine we're on. If you leave it blank, Minecraft references your computer clock for the seed. Meaning that the sequence of numbers that correlates to the time and the date that you start the game, it will use that sequence to generate the world. It'll always be random that way. I'm going to leave it blank and click create new world.

Alright, here we are. Looks pretty good, I like it! Plenty of grass. I've got a little pond over here with plenty of squid. That's pretty cool. Wow! Yes, this is a pretty cool spawn point, I like it. So I'm just going to go forward with this map. The first thing you need to do to get started is start punching trees. You can punch trees and collect wood. Open up your inventory screen and convert that wood into wooden planks by bringing it to your crafting area and pulling out four wooden planks per wooden block. Now that I've got my wooden planks, I place them in my crafting area like so. Two by two square makes a crafting table. Bring that into my playable area, select it, and right click to place it down. Right click on it to activate it and now I can craft in a three by three area. If I place my wooden planks on top of each other like so, I get sticks. I get four sticks per recipe. So 24 in total. I'm going to need some more wood, so I'll head back this way. Make some more wooden planks. And now I have enough to get started making some tools.

First I'm going to make an ax. Place my sticks like so, my wooden planks like so, to make an ax. I'm also going to make a pickax so I can do some mining later. Now I can use my ax to chop down some trees a lot faster. Much faster than if I'm just punching. Now one thing to remember is, if you don't get all these pieces of wood, these leaves actually will just stay floating in the air. You can see one piece there, there's another one hiding up there. So nothing is going to happen to these leaves, they will just float here forever. I'm kind of in a hurry, so I won't take care of this right now. Now I just have to walk around, get a feel for the land a little bit, and what I'm looking for is some exposed stone and ideally some exposed coal. Coal is really important for making torches, which generate light during night. There's some right there. This looks pretty nice, it's a little cave already naturally created. So I'm going to select my pickax and mine some coal.

Now there's no real reason to mine dirt. Dirt doesn't break any faster when you're using a pickax, it actually hurts your pickax. So you may as well just punch it. So now I've got some coal and some cobblestone. This puts me in a pretty good position already. I can use this coal to make torches and face my first night. Torches are just one stick with one coal on top. And you get four torches per recipe. Let's place these around here by right clicking. And I'm going to continue mining and digging out a little hole that will become my home.

Alright now I've collected some cobblestone and I can just start making some walls to protect me. If you run out, just do some more mining.

Okay, so I've already got a pretty nice looking house. I'm going to light the inside of it so I can see what I'm doing. And I'm definitely going to want a bed, so I need to go punch some sheep and collect that wool. There's a block of wool. And another. Just keep punching those sheep until you've collected three blocks of wool.

So I'm going to head back to my cave and make it more of a house. I'll get started by making some more wooden planks. And I'll go ahead and make a new crafting block. I'll place wood in the following pattern to make a door so I can go in and out of my house, but nothing can get in. Place that here. Great! Now clicking on that door opens it, I can go out. And clicking on it again closes it. So let's head inside, close the door behind us, and let's craft a bed. I need three wooden blocks laid at the very bottom here and three pieces of wool, any color will do, to get you a bed.

Now it's very important where you place this bed. If I were to place it here, against this wall, mobs could spawn inside my house. I need to place it at least one block away from exposed walls. Or against this back wall because I know that's heading into the mountain. Great, so now that my bed is made, right click on it, and I start to go to sleep.

And it's morning. I can head outside and the night has passed and I don't have to worry about any of those creepers or skeletons or zombies coming after me. Close my door and I can go out exploring again. So that's how you can get started in Minecraft and survive your first night.

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