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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Ward Off Minecraft Creepers

Learn how to ward off creepers in Minecraft with this Minecraft tutorial.


Let's go over how you can protect yourself from those destroyer of worlds, the Creepers, in the game Minecraft. Now the easiest thing to do, if you want to avoid them, is simply pause the game by pressing escape, navigating to options, and then change this difficulty setting to peaceful. Now no dangerous mobs likes zombies, skeletons, or creepers will spawn, and you can play the game in complete peace and build to your hearts content.

I personally don't like doing that. I like the challenge of some bad guys. So I'm actually going to pause the game again, head to options, and change this to normal. Actually, let's change it to hard. And immediately I can see some creepers over here. There he is. Okay. I am not quite ready to face him, so I'm going to head back into my house and hide.

So the best way to fight creepers is with a bow and an arrow. And to craft a bow, you're going to need string which is dropped by spiders. The best time to go spider hunting is in the morning. So I'm actually just going to right click on my bed and head to sleep. In the morning, the sun comes out and burns up all these skeletons and any zombies outside. You can see them out there dying. But it doesn't destroy creepers or spiders. So it's the perfect time to go hunting for them. I'll wait for those skeletons to die. And be careful when you head out because there could be a creeper or a skeleton right outside your door.

Perfect. There's a spider. I'll pick up these drops from that skeleton and just kill this spider with my sword. Perfect. There's a string. I'm going to need three of these guys to build my first bow, so I can kill creepers which look just like that. The bane of your existence in this beautiful world. So just keep on hunting for spiders until you have three pieces of string. It may take a little while, but it's totally worth it. A bow is an extremely handy weapon.

So once you have three pieces of string, you're also going to need three sticks. Approach your crafting table and place your sticks like so. And your string like so. That's the recipe for a bow. Pull that down. And you're also going to need arrows to shoot out this bow. You can pick these up as drops from skeletons or you can craft them yourself. Picking them up as drops is actually a lot easier than crafting them. You can go out in the mornings after the sun has come up and killed all these skeletons and just find them. Or you can even build a trap around a Mob Spawner. I'll go over that later.

But for now, I'm just going to build some arrows. And what I'm going to need are sticks, some feathers which are dropped by zombies and chickens, and some flint. Flint is dropped randomly when you break gravel with your shovel. And that's actually the reason that it's hard to craft these arrows. It's not an extremely common item. So head back to your crafting table. Place some sticks right in the middle, feathers down below, and flint on top. And for each recipe you get four arrows. So eight times four is 32.

So with my arrows, I can now use my bow. I will scroll to it and head outside. Now just right click to shoot an arrow. Because I didn't hit anything with this arrow, I can actually just pick it back up. This is a great way to conserve arrows. Any arrow that doesn't find its mark, you can pick back up. So now I'm ready to hunt some creepers. I just have to wait until night rolls around.

There we go. I can see a whole pack of creepers off in the distance. Looks like about three of them. Okay. So the best way to hunt creepers is, just like with spiders, deal with them in the morning. Head into your house, go to sleep. This way it's completely bright outside. You can see what you're doing, and also you won't have to deal with any zombies or skeletons because they've all burned up.

Head outside quickly, just in case they're waiting for you right outside the door. And you shouldn't have to wait too long before you find a creeper. There's one right there. Right click to fire some arrows. And that actually keeps him from coming at me and then kills him. You can see he dropped two pieces of gun powder. Gun powder is used along with sand, to craft TNT, and TNT is a blast. So there you go. That's how you can craft a bow and use it to ward off creepers.

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