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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Survive in the Nether

Learn how to survive in the Nether in Minecraft with this Minecraft tutorial.


All right. Let's use this portal to head into the Nether. Here we are in the Nether, plenty of lava, Plenty of flames, and plenty of creepy sounds. You can see my compass there at the bottom is completely useless. It just spins wildly in the nether and it actually doesn't point me in any specific direction. Also water in the Nether is useless. If I try to place it, it just immediately turns to steam. But I can use my flint and steel to light any of these blocks on fire and they will burn eternally. This is a conservative alternative to using torches. But I still like to place torches so I can find my way around and make it back to my portal.

You see in the distance there, some ZombiePigmen. Let's collect some Netherrack so we can build a bridge to find them. Netherrack is the most common block in the nether. It's this red stone that is eternally flammable. You can also see I brought plenty of bread and plenty of pork chops just to keep me healthy and alive while I'm here. So let's break some Netherrack and start doing some exploring. Be very careful. Use that shift button so you don't fall into a huge pool of lava. And again, I'll place torches so I can find my way back here. If you just start lighting everything on fire it's a lot easier to get lost.

There's a ZombiePigman, awesome. Build a step back up. Great. So, ZombiePigmen are actually neutral. They won't bother you until you bother them. But they are great because they drop cooked pork chops. So let's kill them and collect one. It's a great way to keep yourself healthy and alive while you're exploring the Nether.

So let's continue exploring. I will use my flint and steel to light the path. You can see there's plenty of mushrooms growing down here, as well. Off in the distance you can see some Glowstone. Glowstone is a block only found in the Nether. And here's some up here too. Let's break it and collect some Glowstone dust. Glowstone dust is used to re-craft Glowstones which are pretty handy for crafting, because they actually emit light and look pretty good at night. So let's continue exploring. I'm going to leave these ZombiePigmen alone for a little while.

So, I'm going to keep on exploring and I'm looking for a Ghast. I can hear him somewhere. He's making that creepy chirping noise, but I can't seem to find him. Okay, perfect. You can see Ghasts are these kind of ghostly squid. They're four blocks by four blocks and they shoot flaming balls at you that will explode. So just dodge them. And your best bet to deal with a Ghast is with a bow and arrow. Here we go. Got you. Ghasts don't actually drop anything yet, but still fun to kill them.

So when you want to leave the Nether, you can actually build yourself a portal back into the Overworld. It's the same as the portal to get you into the Nether. You'll need ten blocks of obsidian placed in the following pattern. Simply light it with your flint and steel and you're ready to go back to the Overworld. So your position in the nether actually corresponds to an exact position in the Overworld, as well, but on a different scale. So, because I just made this portal in the Nether it also made another portal in the Overworld. And here we are. Way up in the air. That's because I was at a high elevation in the Nether, but there was no terrain to correspond to that elevation in the Overworld.

One thing to remember about the Nether is that you actually travel faster down there. Every one block of travel in the Nether corresponds to eight blocks of travel in the Overworld. I can use that to make two portals that are linked in the Nether and travel much faster than I would in the Overworld. So there you go, that's how you can survive and use the Nether.

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