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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Set Up a Dispenser

Learn how to set up a dispenser in Minecraft with this Minecraft tutorial.


All right, let's build some dispensers. Dispensers are pretty fun little blocks. They're actually pretty useful for making traps because they shoot things out of them. Here's one right here. If I right click on it you will see there's an area where I can put items that will shoot out of this dispenser when it's activated.

So first things first. Let's build one. You're going to need some red stone, some cobble stone, and a bow. Place your cobble stone in this pattern. Place a red stone on the bottom. And a bow right in the middle. And there you go. Now my dispenser is ready. Pull it out. Now I am going to want to put my dispenser right on top of this one, but I can't actually build on it because if I take the dispenser and right click I just opened up the previous dispenser. So what I'm going to do is build behind it. Some cobble stone up. Right there. And place it on the cobble stone.

I'm going to face this direction because what direction you are facing is the direction that the dispenser will shoot items. You see that hole there, meaning arrows will come out that way. Let's break this cobble stone so it looks a little bit nicer. So now we just need to arm these dispensers with something to fire and then trigger them. Either with a switch or some red stone. I'm going to go over that right now. So you will need red stone. I need a lever. Actually, a lever is made with cobble stone and sticks. I will go over that in a second. And I need some arrows.

One cobble stone on the bottom and one stick on top, builds you a lever. Now, right click on these dispensers and arm them with these arrows. I'll put in half by right clicking a putting the other half there. And place these down in the middle there and there you go. These dispenser are now armed.

So I will take my red stone. Build a path from here just out here a ways. Now I will need my lever to act as an input that will turn on both of these dispensers and shoot arrows out of them. And there it goes.

So you can see when the lever is on, the red stone dust is red. And because that dispenser is on, it's activating the one on top of it. I can do the same thing with the dispenser there. Also over here. They will activate each other. To get a dispenser that shoots over and over continuously, you're actually going to need to make a particular type of circuit called a clock with red stone. Which I will actually go over later. But, there you go. That's how you can build and use dispensers in Mind Craft.

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