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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Tame Minecraft Wolves

Learn how to tame wolves in Minecraft with this Minecraft tutorial.


Taming wolves in Minecraft is actually pretty easy. Finding them can be a little bit harder. One trick is to find a particular biome in a particular climate in Minecraft, called the taiga. The taiga is snowy, like this. You can see it also has some lodge pole pines, some tall trees. So, what you want to do is you want to hike until you find this biome and build yourself a house. And in that house, build yourself a bed and just wait for nighttime to come.

When you sleep what happens is the game re-spawns all the mobs around you, both the friendlies and the unfriendlies and because you're in the taiga, and wolves are a little bit more common, there's a good chance you'll run into them. It may take a little while, but your chances are better. So, just head to sleep and in the morning you are fresh faced and ready to go hunting.

The only thing to do is walk around for a while and hope for the best. If you're lucky, you can find an entire pack of wolves and tame two or three at a time but it can take a little while. So, I'm going to actually going to jump ahead a bit. Okay, I finally found a wolf here. Oh no, he's gonna drown. No, he's okay. He's shaking that water off.

So wolves are actually completely neutral. They will just ignore you until you interact with them. So, if I was to attack this wolf, he would attack me in return but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to tame him with some bones. Bones are dropped by skeletons, along with arrows. I just select them, approach him, and right click on him with that bone. The number of bones it takes to tame a wolf is completely random. There's one and two.

All right, so I just have to right click on him again and he will stand up and follow me around. C'mon buddy. So, on your command, your dog will attack friendly mobs. So, I can simply punch this sheep and the dog will finish the job for me. All right, some wool. Thanks, dog. How about I get him to kill this pig? Nothing. Okay, well, on your command he'll attack friendly mobs but he'll also default to attacking mobs that attack you, like skeletons, zombies, or spiders. He will, however, leave creepers alone, which is actually a good thing because you don't want to hear an explosion off in the distance and then come to find your dog has been completely blown up.

One thing to keep in mind is that your dog is actually really good at following you. Once you've got him following you, you can go on a hike, you can go mining, and you don't have to worry too much about him finding his way. In fact, let's push him off here. Go. Great. So, if you're up top or too far down low and your dog can't make it to you just by climbing, what the game does is that it automatically re-spawns him, like that, right next to you. So, you actually don't have to worry about your dog. Once you set him to follow you, you can just go about your business.

Aww, what? Did you fall? Yeah. Okay. So, your dog does have a set amount of life. He has ten hearts that do not automatically regenerate and if those hearts disappear, he dies. You have to keep your dog healthy by regenerating his hearts with pork chops. You can tell where your dog's life is by how high his tail is. The more he's hurt, the lower his tail goes and if he's completely healthy, his tail is all the way up. Let's move him away from this block so you can actually see his tail here. So, I'll pull out a pork chop and you can see he's suddenly interested. Now, if I right click on him, his tail goes up like that.

So because he's still sitting down, I know his health is not entirely raised yet. Each pork chop gives him one and a half hearts and, to make sure he's all the way up to ten hearts, I'll just keep him sitting down and keep giving him pork chops until he stands up of his own accord, like that.

All right, there you go. That's how you tame a wolf in Minecraft and keep your dog healthy and happy.

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