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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Install Minecraft Skins

Learn how to install Minecraft skins with this Minecraft tutorial.


Let's go over how to change your character's skin. So, you can change the way you look to other players in the game Minecraft. You are going to need to find a skin that you like and download it off the internet, or you can make one of your own. There's an editor I like to use, it's in-browser. It's called minersneedcoolshoes. There it is, This is a fan-made site where you can create the pixel art to skin your own character. It's got all the text laid out on top of it, so you know what each element applies to. And you can click and drag and see the final player product. I'm going to leave it as the default character here, but I am going to give him some cool shoes.

Right, cool pair of sneakers, there. So, I'll just hit download and close out of my browser and I've downloaded the file "sketch.png". One thing I have to do is change this file name from "sketch.png" to "char.png" or 'character'. C-H-A-R. That's the name of the file that you are going to be replacing in your Minecraft folder. Let's navigate to that by opening up your finder, heading to your user folder here. "Library","'Application Support", then find "minecraft" and in the folder "bin" you are going to find the file "minecraft.jar". That is essentially the game Minecraft. All the files that make up the game are in that jar file. You need to un-archive it so you can edit it but first I'm going to copy it to back it up. Right click on it select "Duplicate". Now this "minecraftcopy.jar" file is my backup. Should anything go wrong, I can just delete the word "copy" and Minecraft will reference this original file. With my original "minecraft.jar" file I'm going to right click and select "Open With" "Archive Utility". That's a default un-archiving program on a Mac.

And now I have an actual folder called "Minecraft". I can open it up and see all the elements that go into the game Minecraft. Now I need to take that original "minecraft.jar" file and delete it. I don't mind doing this because I know I have that copy, so the game is backed up. Also, I need to change that folder name from just "minecraft" to "minecraft.jar" file. Yes, I'm sure I want to add that suffix. And I'm doing this so that the name hasn't changed and the game knows to reference this file. So in that folder, "minecraft.jar", I need to find a folder called '"mob". There it is, "mob". Open her up and you can see all the skins that go into all the animals and "mobs" in this game. There is a cow. Looks pretty familiar. And '"char", that's you. So, I'm going to drag my new '"char.png'" into this folder and say "Yes'" I want to "Replace" because I know I have the game backed up so it's okay.

And now when I run Minecraft, I should be referencing my new "char.png" file. Let's close out of finder and open up Minecraft. Okay, I'll open up my inventory and sure enough, there I am with my new skin. I can also check it out by pressing the F5 key. Hold the function key and F5, moves you into third person view. Check out those cool shoes. And function key and F5 again, gets you back into first person view. So, there you go. That's how you can create and edit your skin in Minecraft. Be creative and have fun.

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