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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Install and Use a Minecraft Inventory Editor on OSX

Learn how to install and use a Minecraft Inventory Editor on OSX with this Minecraft tutorial.


So let's go over how to download and set up an inventory editor in Minecraft. An inventory editor is a way to instantly give yourself whatever items you want in Minecraft. It's pretty much cheating and I happen to think that it takes the fun out of the game but it can be used for some pretty cool things or a great way to experiment with say, what happens when I fill my entire world with TNT? But first things first. I like to find my save files and back them up.

Navigate to your user profile, then head to Library, from there Application Support and then find the application Minecraft. These are all the files that make up the game Minecraft. In here you'll see the file, "saves." Now just find your world, whichever one you're using, right-click on it and select Duplicate. This just instantly makes a copy, a backup of that save. I'm going to click on it to rename it and I'm going to go with the name "BenCheats" so I know that this is a completely illegitimate world. I'll close out of here and I'm going to go find an inventory editor. There's one I like for Macs called InvGrid. So I'm going to type that into Google, I-N-V-G-R-I-D and there it is, in the Minecraft forums. Navigate to the download page right here and this is actually what the application looks like when it's running. Head down. If you like it and you want to download their other apps to support them, go ahead. You can download for OS X right here. Then just close out of Chrome and run this application.

Here it is, right on my desktop and instantly the application becomes available. Yes, I'm sure I want to run it and there it is. Let's full screen it so I can see what I'm doing. Great. Navigate to Open and InvGrid immediately takes you to your save files. I'll select the one I created earlier, BenCheats and open up your level.dat file and immediately you can see all the items you have in your possession. I have these four tools, the diamond pickaxe, diamond sword, diamond axe, diamond shovel, the four tools I like to keep on me. I'm going to select this quickbar slot and head to the button New Item, and here are all the items available to you in the game Minecraft, listed alphabetically. You can also search for them.

So let's say I'm tired of digging and I just want some diamonds. I can type in "diamond" and there it is, along with all the diamond tools here I could give myself as well. So I'll select diamond and you see, now in my quickbar, I have one of those diamonds. I'll hit this button to bump that up to 64. Now over here, I can do the exact same thing. New Item, diamond and 64 or I can select these diamonds, copy them and paste them into the new slot or, more easily, Command C and Command V.

So there we go, more diamonds than I've probably mined legitimately in the entire time I've played Minecraft. And just for fun, how about I give myself an entire block's worth of TNT? Okay now just close out of InvGrid and make sure you save and open up Minecraft. Now when you navigate to that world, BenCheats, you should have all of these items. Yes, sure enough, more diamonds than a man could ever need and also an entire box of TNT to play around with. So there you go. That's how you can find and use an inventory editor for the game Minecraft.

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