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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Master Minecraft Farming

Learn how to master Minecraft farming with this Minecraft tutorial.


To get started farming you are going to need a hoe. Place some sticks like so and some iron on top here, or wood, or stone and you'll get a hoe bring it down. And before we can start farming we actually need some seeds to plant and we get those by punching some grass, which I happened to notice quite a bit of over here. So just get started breaking this grass. Sooner or later you will get some seeds. There we go. So you can see they're not that common, so you're going to have punch a bunch of grass. All right, five seeds should be enough to get me started, so I head back to my farm and get to work.

So I've got some dirt here, to next some water and sky above with plenty of light coming down, so it's a great place to start a farm. So just take your hoe and right click on this dirt to turn it into farm land. Seeds can only be planted in farm land. Select your seeds and simply right click to plant them. Great, so now all you do is let the sun shine down and wait.

All right, so you can see these plants have already started growing, but you can see I'm actually missing a plant in the back. That dirt block has returned to its natural state and the plant fell off. That's because an animal walked on it either a pig, a sheep or a cow. I can do the same thing if I just walk haphazardly on these plants, they're going to break just like that. That one too. What I can do is crouch with shift and walk safely over the farm land. I won't break it. Those plants will stay safe. When that plant broke it actually dropped some seeds, so I'm going to pick those up and re-plant them. Again pull out my hoe, right click. Right click again with my seeds and they're planted. So what I need to do is protect my farm from getting walked on by mobs, with fences. Fences you make with sticks just like this. So six sticks for only two fences, so you're going to need to get a lot of wood. All right let's put some work into this farm.

So you can sees I've chopped down some bunch of trees to clear up some space so that the sun can shine on my farm and I've taken that wood and I've made a whole bunch of fences and surrounded my farm with them. Now the only thing to do is keep waiting. There we go, some wheat grew, you can see it down there. Let's go get it. Just punch this block, and you will get some wheat. Oh, it actually also dropped some seeds for me, too, so I can re-plant those.

So, obviously it takes a while for wheat to grow. You can speed this process, actually, using bone meal and for that we are going to kill some skeletons. Okay that's good. Just, there we go, there we go, boom, bones. Okay, now that I've got these, I'm actually going to go to bed. I don't like the night time. No you can't come in sheep.

All right so great, so I'll just take my bones to my crafting block here and they turn into bone meal immediately. So it's a three to one ratio of bones to bone meal, so I've got six pieces of bone meal. And what I do is right click with this bone meal on any of these plants. I'll do the smaller ones, and they immediately turn into wheat. Then I can just punch them, so I get the wheat from them and some seeds. Keep my farm going farm by re-planting here. Just keep breaking and re-planting, breaking and re-planting.

Oh crap! Okay, wow. So, fences are great for keeping out creepers as well as other animals. Okay I'm going to try kill him. Here we go. Die, die, no! All right, well I want to get this fence here and there is another one down there, but I'll take care of this in a minute. First I have to take care of myself and I can do that by baking some bread. You craft bread with wheat in this pattern here, one by three, Yeah, bread. You can make three pieces of bread with nine pieces of wheat. To use bread, just bring it down to your quick bar here, select it, and right click. And you can see it heals two and a half hearts. All right so there you go that's how you can bake bread and I am going to fix my farm now.

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