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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Make a Portal to the Nether

Learn how to make a portal in the Nether in Minecraft with this Minecraft tutorial.


Okay, let's make a portal to the nether. To do so, we're going to need some obsidian. And we can make that pretty easily. First we're going to have to make a bucket. Take some iron, place it in the following formation, and that's your recipe for a bucket. Let's take that guy outside, and get some water. With my bucket selected, I approach the water and right click on it, and now I have a water bucket. When I pour water over source blocks of lava, I get obsidian. You might have to dig down pretty deep to find a nice pool of lava, but I've gotten pretty lucky and I've found one up here in the mountains.

Be very careful when digging down into lava. If you fall in it, it can be very deadly. A nice little pool of lava in here. I'm going to select my water bucket, right-click to pour it on this block. And immediately all that lava becomes obsidian. Right-click to collect that water again, and now I can start mining all this obsidian. Obsidian is only obtainable with a diamond pickax. There's no two ways about it. If you don't have a diamond pickax, you can't mine obsidian. So pull out your diamond pickax, and get started mining. This can take quite a while, it might seem like at first you're not making any progress, but that obsidian is indeed breaking.

And there you go. One block of obsidian. One thing to keep in mind when digging out this obsidian, is that it's possible that that water bucket only incapacitated that top layer of lava. In other words, there could be lava below this obsidian. So I'm very careful never to dig straight down onto a block I'm standing on because it might give way and I'll fall into a huge pool of lava, and that's a great way to kill yourself. So I'm just going to keep on mining, until I've got 10 pieces of obsidian. Let's speed this up a little bit. And, 10. Perfect. Now I can build myself a portal to the nether.

I'm going to do it right out here. Just dig out two blocks and fill them with obsidian. Now build up on either side of it. It needs to be three blocks tall. And you need to close off these last two blocks. So I'm going to put a temporary piece of dirt up here on the corner, and then build these two pieces of obsidian onto that. So that's your gate. Two blocks wide and three blocks tall. I'm going to get rid of this piece of dirt, just so it looks a little bit nicer.

To activate your portal, you're going to need some flint and steel. You can make that with an iron ingot in the corner, and a piece of flint in the opposite corner. Take your flint and steel, and right-click to ignite your portal. And there it is, your portal to the nether. Just step inside and wait, and the game will transport you to the nether.

And here it is. This is the nether. Pretty creepy. Right, there you go. That is how you can build a portal to the nether.

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