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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

Learn how to find diamonds in Minecraft with this Minecraft tutorial.


Okay let's talk about where and how to mine so you can best find diamonds. You're going to need a pickaxe. Here I have a diamond pickaxe, the best kind. You're going to need at least an iron pickaxe. Anything less stone or wood won't actually get you any diamonds. One thing I like to have before I start mining are slabs. I build those with three pieces of stone on the bottom here and that affords you three stone slabs. I also need plenty of torches.

Let's head down into my mine. Now I dig down two blocks wide for each drop down. That way there's plenty of space for me to add these stone slabs so I can have steps. Pull those out and place them here and I can walk up. That way I don't have to jump every time I go up a level. So continue digging down two blocks over, one block down. So keep digging down until you hit bedrock, which looks like this. Bedrock is completely unbreakable. I can pull out my pickaxe and hit it all I want. It won't crack and it won't break. Once I find it am gonna dig out a fairly big room,like this. And what I do is I use this room to find the lowest spot of bedrock which is right here.

So that's the very bottom of my world. I know am on layer one right now, then layer two, layer three up to layer four and now layer five. So five layers of bed rock and I keep heading up six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and seventeen. Diamonds only spawn below layer 17.

So I am gonna mark this layer with torches and I know it's pointless to dig any higher than this, I wont find diamonds. They only spawn at layer 16 and below. So I am gonna head down and count my way up again. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and then eleven. I'm gonna mark this layer, the eleventh layer, with torches. And I do so because it's actually at level 10 that lava pools spawn in caves. So if I start digging below this level I'll actually run into lava pools and they can pour into my mine shaft and kill me and destroy all my items. So this is the magic zone, above layer 11 and below layer 17. Here I can find diamonds but I wont run into lava pools. Here we go.

So just mine these diamonds and just because you've gotten all the ones you can see doesn't mean they're actually all gone. Dig around a ways to make sure there aren't any left. Like right there. And that seems to be all of them so I'll actually just continue on my way. Always keep an ear out for running water. That's an indicator that there's a cavern nearby. And sure enough, here we go. Here's one of those lava pools I was talking about but because I was digging high enough it won't pour into my mine shaft. I'm not entirely sure if this is true but I feel like the game spawns diamonds next to lava a lot. So these caves are a great place to look for diamonds.

When I'm exploring I like to place my torches on the right side of any wall as I go down. That way I know if I keep my torches to my right I'm heading deeper into a cavern but if I keep them to my left I know am heading towards my exit. There we go, the age-old conundrum, diamonds above lava. Every time I go mining I make sure I bring a bucket of water. This is a handy way to immediately incapacitate these lava pools. Select it and right click to pour water and all that lava immediately becomes obsidian and obsidian is safe to walk on. So I can just place some torches to make up for that light that I lost and place some more water and make a bridge all the way across this pool of lava. And there's some more diamonds. I'll mine these.

Again just because you can't see any more doesn't mean that they're not there. So dig back a ways. Well, no luck this time but there were some more back here I'll go get. Okay, let's take a look. Fifteen diamonds, not bad. That's a nice little haul. I've also got an iron ore here and some gold. So there you go. You can use these tips to dig at the optimal distance and find a ton of diamonds.

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