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Minecraft Tutorial: The Basics of Different Minecraft Blocks

Learn the basics of different Minecraft blocks with this Minecraft tutorial.


Okay, let's go over some of the most common blocks in Minecraft. I've set up a map here with all these blocks laid out in one spot so we can go over them. Up first is dirt. This is what dirt looks like, and it's in fact actually all these blocks that are around us right now. It's got grass growing on top of it, right there, and all these blocks are dirt. It's breakable. Actually you can break it with pretty much anything, you can just punch it. But to break it most quickly, you're going to use a shovel. And it affords you one dirt block. I'm going to place it right back where it was. And you'll see now it doesn't actually have grass growing on it anymore, but it will in a minute. If you give it time, grass will start growing again.

Here's some stone. You can break stone most easily with a pickax. You can use a gold pickax, a stone pickax, an iron pickax, or, which I have here, is a diamond pickax which breaks it quite quickly. And you can see what it drops is actually one cobblestone. It's not smooth anymore. So if I was to place it back on the ground, you can see it's no longer smooth. To get it smooth again, you'd actually have to place it into a furnace, which I will go over later. Another cobblestone here. And then sand.

Sand, like dirt, is most easily broken with a shovel. It affords you one sand block. There it is. Let's pick it up and put it right back where it was. And next we have sandstone. Sandstone is found naturally two or three layers below sand, as if the pressure from that sand has pressurized this into sandstone. Next we have gravel, breakable with a shovel, just like sand and dirt. Now, one thing to bear in mind with gravel, and also sand, those two blocks are the only two blocks in the game to which gravity applies. Now what I mean by that is that if I were to take this gravel, place it on top of that cobblestone, then break the cobblestone with my pickax, you'll see the gravel will fall to the ground to the next available block. But if I take this cobblestone, for instance, and place it on top of this cobblestone here, then take my pickax and break the one below, gravity does not apply. It just floats in the air. So that's true for dirt, cobblestone, sandstone. Gravity only applies to gravel and sand.

Next up is wood. This is a wooden block right here. You can get this from trees, like off in the distance, and it's breakable most easily with an ax. Just chop it, and there you go. It affords you one wooden block. Let's collect it. And here we have some wooden planks. You make these by opening up your inventory, taking your wood to your crafting area, and one wooden block affords you four wooden planks. So you can pull those down, and now place four of these. Let's put it on top here. Put it next to it, right there. So you can actually see, just like with the other blocks, except for gravel and sand, wood can float in the air.

So these are the most common blocks you're going to find on or near the surface in the game Minecraft. But over here we have some ores. Ores you have to dig down a ways to find, but they're extremely useful. First up we have coal. Coal is used for making torches, which is really great when nighttime comes, you can see what you are doing. It's also used for smelting in furnaces, which I will go over later. And you acquire it simply by breaking this block with a pickax, be it stone, or iron, or in this case diamond. And there it is, you get one piece of coal. Next up, we have iron ore. Now unlike coal, when you break this, you get an iron ore block, which you have to smelt later. This is Redstone. Takes a little while, but if you break this with your pickax, you'll get actually several pieces of Redstone dust. And there they are. This is used for creating Redstone circuitry, which can be a pretty in-depth process. I'll go over it later.

And here we have some gold. Gold, like iron, you break it, and you get a gold block, which has to be smelted later. And finally, diamonds. Diamonds are an extremely rare block, but they're extremely useful as well, because you can use them to make tools, and weapons, and armor that last for a really long time. Just like coal, if I break this, it actually gives me a diamond. So just pick that guy up. All right, well there you go. Those are the most common blocks you are going to need to know about to get started in Minecraft.

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