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How to Upgrade Airsoft AEGs

Learn how to upgrade airsoft AEGs in this Howcast video with experts Payton Kemper and Josh Meyer.


Hi, my name is Payton. I'm the manager of Airsoft Hero located in the historic district of Hampden in Baltimore, Maryland. And I'm Joshua Meyer. I'm the tech here at Airsoft Hero. Our store features AEGs, accessories, apparel. We also buy used guns, accessories and apparel and we also do quality tech work. Any details you can find on our website at And we'll be talking to you about airsoft. There are a lot of different things you can do to an Airsoft gun. You can upgrade the feet per second by changing out a spring. You can upgrade the accuracy by installing another inner barrel. One that has a tighter iii. Now, your BB is generally about 6 millimeters, it's actually a little bit less, around 5.95 millimeters. The accuracy is greatly affected by how much the BB actually, physically moves around in the barrel. Any by allowing it to move less, it's going to improve your accuracy. Now, when you start upgrading the feet per second and the gun, you also might want to look into upgrading some of the other internals of the gun. Because, they are now taking more of, more of a load and can possibly become damaged. You can upgrade the gears. You can also install a new piston that would be able to take more, you know, more abuse as well. And there are other motors that you can purchase that will basically fire the gun faster, and put more BBs out in the iii of time. Now, internals are not the only thing that you can do to a gun. You can also add accessories, such as mock suppressors or silencers. And you can also add various different optics such as a scope or a red dot. You can also add flashlights and lasers, foregrips, bipods, new stocks. A lot of different things that you can do to the guns. You're not just limited to just how the gun performs inside, but everything outside as well.

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