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How to Be an Effective Airsoft Sniper

Learn how to be an effective airsoft sniper in this Howcast video featuring airsoft experts Payton Kemper and Josh Meyer.


Hi, my name is Payton. I'm the manager of Airsoft Hero located in the historic district of Hampden in Baltimore, Maryland. And I'm Joshua Meyer. I'm the tech here at Airsoft Hero. Our store features AEGs, accessories, apparel. We also buy used guns, accessories and apparel and we also do quality tech work. Any details you can find on our website at And we'll be talking to you about airsoft. To be an effective sniper you need to have concealment, not cover. There's a big difference between the two. Cover would mean that I have something in front of me that's going to protect me from being shot, and concealment means that you cannot see me. However, I am completely open to be shot at. To be an effective sniper you need concealment. Being concealed, which what you see behind me you see a piece of woodland area here with essentially nobody in it. However, when I ask my associate to get up. Patton, stand up please. Now you can see him. He was concealed; he was not in cover. Now if I ask him to stand behind one of the trees, that would be cover and not concealment. Thats how you are an effective sniper.

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