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Minecraft Crafting Guide: Tools

Learn about Minecraft in this Minecraft crafting guide tutorial.


All right, let's go over the basic tools that you're going to be using in Minecraft. Hopefully, you've been punching lots of trees and you've got plenty of wood. I'm going to open my inventory, click and drag that wood to my crafting area and make wooden planks. One wooden block is four wooden planks, so 16 wooden blocks gives me 64 wooden planks. Now, I can take these, place them one at a time by right clicking, and fill my crafting area to make a 2x2 block of wooden planks. This will craft a crafting table. I'll pull that down, bring it into my quick-bar and right-click to place it on the ground.

Now if I approach my crafting table and right click to use it, you'll see I now have a 3x3 crafting area. So now, I can craft bigger and different items. I'm going to bring my wooden planks up into the crafting area, with one on top and one on bottom to make four sticks. I'm going to need a couple more. What I'll do is I'll left-click to place all these wooden planks down and then right click on them to pick up half of them. Left-click again to put those down below and now, I can make a bunch of wooden sticks. Pick up my wooden planks, place two sticks like so, take your wooden planks, fill the top layer and you'll make a wooden pick axe. You're going to use this tool to mine.

So let's head into the distance and find some cobblestone and some coal. Here's some coal and here's some cobblestone. We'll hit it continuously with our pick axe to mine it. Pick that coal up. Coal is used for creating torches so you can see at night, and it's also used to burn within furnaces so you can smelt items. So continue mining and collect all this coal. So you can open up your inventory and in your crafting block here, place down some sticks and some and coal and you'll make yourself some torches, so you can light this cavern and we can see exactly what we're doing. Scroll to those torches or press the nine key to select them and then right click to place them. So now we can see, we've found ourselves a nice little cavern here, plenty of cobblestone, some gravel as well.

Okay, back at our crafting block, we can use our sticks and some of that cobblestone we found to actually make a more powerful pick axe. This is a stone pick axe, it will last longer, it's more durable and you can use it to collect items like iron. If I were to break an iron block with a wooden pick axe, I wouldn't get any drops. Head down to your mine here and find some iron. Here are some iron blocks. Let's place a torch so we can see what we're doing and let's mine these with our stone pick axe, here. There it is, an iron block. So now, if I were to use my wooden pick axe to mine this iron, for one, it would take a really long time. Let's speed it up a little bit, and after all that work, you just don't get anything. So that wooden pick axe is really only useful to begin with for mining cobblestone and coal. So let's go back to our stone pick axe here and mine the rest of this iron. Okay, back at our crafting table, if we try to use this iron ore, we actually can't build anything with it.

You see, a pick axe is not available. That's because we need to actually smelt this iron ore and turn it into iron ingots. To do that, we need to build a furnace. Take that cobblestone you have left over from mining and build a box and that's the recipe for a furnace. Let's pull that down, select it by scrolling to it or pressing three, right click it to place it next to your crafting block. Now, if I right click to activate it, you'll see there's a spot here for something to burn and something to smelt. I'll place my iron ore on top and some coal on the bottom and immediately, that iron ore starts smelting. If you actually close out and look at your furnace, you can see it burning.

It takes about 10 seconds per piece so I'll speed this up a little bit. There we go. Now we've got four iron ingots and we can use these to build even better tools. In your crafting table, place down your sticks in that handle position and your iron ingots in the top position, and now, you've got an iron pick axe. Much stronger and much more durable than your wooden pick axe and your stone pick axe. And also, you can use this to mine diamonds when you find them. So let's use that iron pick axe, head back into our mine and collect a lot more iron ore.

Now that you've got more iron ore, head to your crafting block and let's build some other tools and some armor. Here's the recipe for a shovel. This tool goes through dirt and sand and gravel very quickly. Here is the recipe for an axe. This is a tool that can be used to cut down trees and collect wood very quickly. Here is the recipe for an iron sword which can be used to kill mobs and defend yourself. And this is the recipe for a hoe. Hoes are used for farming and planting crops.

Now let's use that iron to build some armor. If I place the iron in the following pattern, I make an iron chest plate. Iron in this pattern makes an iron helm. Then, I can make some iron leggings like so and finally, some iron boots. If I open up my inventory, there are slots next to my player where all these items go. And now, my character is decked out in iron armor and you can see there's actually an armor meter next to your life meter. As you take damage or a fall, that armor meter will go down but it will protect you and keep you from losing life.

So, there you go. Those are some recipes for making the tools and the armors you're going to need to conquer this world of Minecraft.

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