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Minecraft Tutorial: How to Master Basic Minecraft Controls

Learn how to master basic Minecraft controls with this Minecraft tutorial.


Okay, so lets go over the basic controls in the game Minecraft. You can use the mouse to look around. And you use the WASD keys to move around. That means W moves you forward, S moves you back, A moves you left, and D moves you right.

Another important key is space bar. That makes you jump. So space bar and moving forward, W, moves you over this ledge.

Another important key is E for inventory. Pressing that will open up your inventory and show you everything that you've picked up or made in the game. So here, I've got my pickaxe and my shovel. Or I can hold Shift and click, and that brings it right down.

To use these items, you use your left click and your right click. Left click punches or hits, so you can see that with my pickaxe. And right click is how you place items down. So I'm right-clicking, but nothing's happening because you can't place a pickaxe. But if I scroll to my cobblestone and right-click, I can build with it. Back to my pickaxe, left click to break it, pick all these up.

Now, another important key is Shift. If I hold Shift, I crouch like this. And I can sneak, meaning I walk more slowly, and I can't fall of the edge here. You can walk around safely and know you're not going to fall. But as soon as I let go of Shift, I fall like that.

Now, another important key is Q. Holding Q drops whatever item you have selected. So I can press it 64 times and drop all this cobblestone. Or ultimately, I can just hit E for my inventory, navigate with my mouse to the cobblestone, drag it away, and drop it. That drops all the cobblestone at once.

Now, all these controls are visible and editable in the game menu. And you get that by pressing Esc and navigate to your Options here and then, from there, to Controls. And here are all those controls we've gone over, with the addition of F for toggle fog. This is how you change your render distance, something you can do in-game or also in the video options box. You can click on these and change them to whatever key you like. I like to leave all these controls the same except for one. I actually change Inventory here to I instead of E. That way, I don't accidentally hit it while I'm walking around. So I press Esc. And then I can just hit I for inventory now and I again to get out.

So yeah, there you go. Those are the basic controls in the game Minecraft.

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