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Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Learn where bud bugs hide in this Howcast pest control video with expert Jeff White.


My name is Jeff White and I am a research entomologist for Bed Bug Central and the host of Bed Bug TV, I have no idea how I got into bugs and bed bugs and here I am 6 years later and having a lot of fun working with bed bugs and I'll be talking to you about pest control. Cracks and crevices are the name of the game and when it comes to bed bugs, where do they hide? Just there; dark places that are undisturbed, whether it's a crack, a crevice, a void or any other area where light typically doesn't shine and people aren't typically you know, aren't bothered in. And of course, bed bugs are called bed bugs for the reason they're going to hide in beds. And so where they hide is typically the bed and if we look at a bed you know, people see images of bed bugs on mattresses, waiting to always running on mattresses, you have a problem! These bugs don't like to be bothered and so they're not going to be typically on top of the mattress, while changing our sheets, while getting on and off the bed or rolling around as we sleep and god knows what else is going on in the bed! We're not going to talk about this topic but the bottom line is that the top of that bed is constantly disturbed. And so where they're typically found is at the bottom of the box spring, cracks, crevices, staple seams, the plastic corner protectors, anywhere that they can go, that they can hide and not readily be seen. Head-boards are also common areas we find bugs associated with; the back of the head-board, any types of cracks and crevices and seams. Now, as infestations grow though, they can get into other things. That's why it is so important to find these infestations really are. They can easily start getting into alarm clocks, adjustable benches, nightstands, dressers, closets. And so as these infestations grow, they get much more difficult to control and infest all kinds of different items. Also, couches are very common areas that bed bugs will hide. People often sleep on couches cause it's the end of a long work day and they fall asleep on the couch or they go on and sleep on the couch because they're being bit by something in their bed and the bugs would just follow people to their couch. And so again, seams, edges, folds, the bottom of the couch are all common areas to look for bed bugs. But again, the most important thing to think about is bed bug hiding cracks and crevices. They're not going to be just merrily out on the top of things, just walking around. You need to do some work, you need to do some research, you need to look real deep because that where bed bugs will be hiding.

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