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How to Pick a Monokini

Learn how to pick a monokini from swimsuit expert Candace Draper in this Howcast video.


Hello, My name is Candace Draper and I'm a fit expert here at Canyon Beachwear. Everyone that works here at Canyon Beachwear is a fit expert. We know everything there is to know about bikinis. It's kinda eat, breath, sleep bikinis. So we're like the girlfriend you forgot to bring into the store. You can also find us online or at you can find us on Facebook and twitter as well under canyonbeachwear and today we're gonna be talking about swimwear. Ashley here is wearing Canyon Beachwear's best monokini. It's made by Vick's and it has the absolute perfect cutouts. Really the biggest point of monokinis is where these two circles are hitting. You want them to hit right at the hip and right under the bust. Anything below here or too much here is gonna cut you off. You'll see some monokinis cut a little too far in which give you that big hips look. This is perfect. You want just a little bit of skin showing but not the full stomach. She also has the nice detail of the ruffles right here with the little tie in the middle. It's gonna bring you together without you feeling like you have no support. It's gonna make it more like a monokini than a one piece. We have shoulder straps that go from the back. And then adjustability here. So you can tighten it and you can loosen it if need be. But the great part is is you're not getting that neckline. So you still get the adjustability as you would if it were a halter but you're gonna get the comfort of the shoulder strap. Monokinis are great for a cruise, they're great for the beach. Throw a cute little pair of shorts on it and you can take it out to the bar. It's a cute option for any body. Don't think that just cause you've seen them and they look bad on some people that you can't wear them. Monokinis are always worth a try on.

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