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How to Rock a Bathing Suit with Candace Draper

Learn about Candace Draper of Canyon Beachwear, one of Howcast's swimsuit experts, in this video.


Hello, My name is Candace Draper and I'm a fit expert here at Canyon Beachwear. Everyone that works here at Canyon Beachwear is a fit expert. We know everything there is to know about bikinis. It's kinda eat, breath, sleep bikinis. So anything you need we are here for you. Honesty is our number one policy. We're like the girlfriend you forgot to bring into the store. We have numerous amounts of designers any possible style you want, we have it. We suit every body. We have 8 locations. We're in San Francisco, San Jose, we're in New York. You can also find us online or at you can find us on Facebook and twitter as well under canyonbeachwear. Summertime is not just our only time. We're year round. So come visit us when your resorting. We have resort wear, we have beach wear, we have everything you can possible imagine. We're fully staffed all year round, so your never gonna miss out on a good find and today we're gonna be talking about swimwear.

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