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Henna vs. Mehndi

Learn the difference between mehndi and henna from expert Lisa Butterworth in this Howcast video.


I'm Lisa Butterworth sometimes known as Kenzi and I'm a henna artist and the owner of a henna supply business, Today I'll unleash your inner henna artist and have you drawing henna designs all over your friends and anyone else who will sit still. Henna is used in many different countries around the world from southeast asia, south asia, and the middle east, all the way to north africa and west africa. All of these countries and regions have their own words for henna. In south asia, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh they use Mehndi they also pronounce it Mehndi. And this word comes from the sands grit. The word henna comes from the arabic. It means to make red. This word is used all over north africa and the middle east as well as in the west and it refers to not only the plant but also the powder, and the paste, and the process of applying it to skin and hair.

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