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How to Get the Most Halloween Candy

When it comes to snaring the best and most candy on Halloween, victory is sweet.


  • Step 1: Wear a great costume Buy or make a great costume. No one likes to give candy to kids who think they're too cool to dress up.
  • Step 2: Hit the streets early Hit the streets early, when everyone is fully stocked. You'll also be first to the houses where people leave out bowls of candy for you to indulge in "on your honor."
  • TIP: Trick-or-treat in small groups. Gangs of children make homeowners worry that they're going to run out of candy, so they distribute accordingly.
  • Step 3: Smile Always say "trick or treat" with a smile. Sure it's cheesy, but it'll get you candy. Complimenting the homeowner on her decorations helps too.
  • TIP: If candy matters more to you than your integrity, carry an extra bucket and say it's for a sick friend or sibling.
  • Step 4: Empty pail into larger sack Empty your pitiful little pail into a larger sack every few houses. People are more generous if you arrive almost empty-handed. Stash the sack in your bike basket or with your adult chaperone.
  • TIP: After emptying your bucket, hit up the good candy-givers again by simply slipping on another mask.
  • Step 5: Be excited Be excited! Tell everyone they're giving out your favorite candy; that way you won't seem greedy when you ask for more.
  • Step 6: Don't eat as you go Resist the urge to eat as you go. Serious collectors know they can't cover as much distance with a belly full of sugar.
  • FACT: Halloween began in the Middle Ages, when beggars collected cakes on All Hallows' Day in exchange for praying for the dead.

You Will Need

  • An awesome costume
  • A small candy bucket
  • A large durable bag
  • preferably drawstring
  • A strong adult or a bicycle with a basket
  • An extra mask or costume
  • An extra bucket

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