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Best Bathing Suits for Pear-Shaped Women

Learn about the best bathing suit styles for pear-shaped women from swimsuit expert Candace Draper in this Howcast video.


Hello, My name is Candace Draper and I'm a fit expert here at Canyon Beachwear. Everyone that works here at Canyon Beachwear is a fit expert. We know everything there is to know about bikinis. It's kinda eat, breath, sleep bikinis. So we're like the girlfriend you forgot to bring into the store. You can also find us online or at you can find us on Facebook and twitter as well under canyonbeachwear and today we're gonna be talking about swimwear. How to shop for a suit when you're pear-shaped: You definitely wanna wear something like what Maria's wearing here. You're gonna stick with a bando. You definitely want to draw attention to your chest. It brings more of the attention up here rather than your chest. Notice how the suit Maria's wearing also has the removable straps. So it brings a little attention to the collar bones which is always very feminine and very sexy. Also, the great thing about this suit is it's made by Vix and has super cute little hardware right here. When you're pear-shaped you wanna veer away from the tie sides. It's gonna draw too much attention to your hips and it's gonna make you look even more hippier than you already are. So stick with something banded and smooth like this but the trick is when you're a little bit more hippy like the pear shapes are you wanna stick with a Brazilian cut. Notice how it's not all skin but it's not all material. You don't want full material. It just is gonna look worse. You want half skin half material. It's gonna lift your butt a little more and bring attention to your thighs which is gonna elongate your torso. Also--fun colors. Don't go for dull colors it's just gonna draw more attention to your actual shape. You wanna draw the attention here, and you wanna draw the attention to the hardware. Any little embellishments are gonna help if you're a pear-shape.

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