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How to Pick a Micro Bikini or String Bikini

Learn how to pick a micro bikini or string bikini from swimsuit expert Candace Draper in this Howcast video.


"Hello, My name is Candace Draper and I'm a fit expert here at Canyon Beachwear. Everyone that works here at Canyon Beachwear is a fit expert. We know everything there is to know about bikinis. It's kinda eat, breath, sleep bikinis. So we're like the girlfriend you forgot to bring into the store. You can also find us online or at you can find us on Facebook and twitter as well under canyonbeachwear and today we're gonna be talking about swimwear.
How to wear a micro or string bikini is exactly how Ashly and Maria are wearing them. They both have the strings, and both going to be what we call scrunch bottoms. Here on Maria you can see she's got the detailed top. Triangle tops are best when your using a micro or a scrunch. You don't really want to have a bandeux it's going to chop you off when you have a minimal bottom like that. Here you can see we have the detailing across the bottom, and the little tie sides. I also tied Maria's in a bow while Ashly's are straight down. The reason being if you have straight down ties it elongates your legs, makes you look a little taller. Also you always want to tie it in a know first and then in a bow or straight down, just to avoid any kind of mishaps with the string bottom. The back of her neck has those thicker straps, it's going to be that thicker elastic where it's not going to hurt as much. Where thinner straps sometimes dig a little too much. This one is going to give you more comfort. On her bottom she's got the elastic going here as well as on the top. A thicker band on the top keeps your bottom from going anywhere when you get out of the water. She's got thinner elastic around the sides so that there's no kind of bunching or digging going on. These suits do not do any kind of digging they just lay flat. But this bottom is super cute, but it's still not fully going micro. So this is more of a Brazilian cut.

Ashley has on a vix leopard bikini. She also has the ruffle on her top and the little gold details. That you can either slide up and get out of the way so their not burning you in the sun, or if you like you can bring them back down so that you have that little bit of extra something going on there. On the bottoms we also have the gold detailing as well. A little bit of ruffle across the top and along the sides. And on the back this is more of a micro scrunch. She's got the ruffles on the sides that makes the suit look as though it's painted on. You really don't have any elastic holding you, it's just material. It's more contouring the shape of your bottom. This is great for somebody with no bottom because it actually lifts you up. Also if you do have some what of a bottom it's great because it's going to give you more of a form. So this bottom is perfect for any body, it can really do wonders for the backside. "

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