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How to Avoid Poisonous Black "Henna"

Learn how to avoid poisonous black "henna" from expert Lisa Butterworth in this Howcast video about henna and mehndi art.


I'm Lisa Butterworth sometimes known as Kenzi and I'm a henna artist and the owner of a henna supply business, Today I'll unleash your inner henna artist and have you drawing henna designs all over your friends and anyone else who will sit still. A lot of people ask me if I do Black Henna and the answer is definitely no. And this is because it is very dangerous for the human body. It's actually forbidden to be used on skin. So, that's another reason not to use it. Black henna is not actually henna. Its black hair dye which contains PPD and this can cause blistering and scarring and this could be permanent. It also causes long-term kidney and liver damage. So it's definitely not something that you should mess around with. It definitely should not be used on children or pregnant women because you're dealing with small bodies that are very vulnerable. PPD is a transdermal toxin, which means this toxin goes into the blood stream. Henna does not enter the blood stream. It just stays on the surface of the skin and only penetrates the dead skin cells. Black henna is found at a lot of resorts and tourist locations and it started there at the request of tourists who wanted something to look like one of these black tattoos. And so the artist in order to make money just started finding ways to offer black henna to tourists. Be sure to ask your henna artist what's in her paste and she should be able to tell you and most of the ingredients should be natural. And shy away from any henna that promises to stain in very black and very quickly.

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