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How to Remove the Paste & Make the Henna Design Last

Learn how to remove the paste and make henna designs last from expert Lisa Butterworth in this Howcast video about henna and mehndi art.


I'm Lisa Butterworth sometimes known as Kenzi and I'm a henna artist and the owner of a henna supply business, Today I'll unleash your inner henna artist and have you drawing henna designs all over your friends and anyone else who will sit still. After you've spent all this time and effort learning to do henna and applying henna you want the design to last, so I'm going to tell you all the steps you need to take to make your henna design last as long as possible. So when it's time to remove the paste, scrape it off, you can use your fingernails, or a dull knife, or a credit card, or something. And scrape it all off you can also rub it off or use olive oil to get off any of those last little bits of henna that are still stuck to your skin. What you don't want to do is wash it off, the henna is still in your skin even though you have scraped the paste off and it's still oxidizing and getting darker. You'll notice when you first remove the paste the stain is actually a very bright orange. Over the next day or two it's going to darken to a very nice reddish brown. So make sure don't get it wet you will stop that process. Anything you do to exfoliate your skin will make your henna design fade faster. The design fades as your skin exfoliates. So what I recommend doing when you take a shower is rub some oil into the area that's been henna'd, either cocoa butter or olive oil, any kind of oil that will repel the water, this will help your design last longer. If you are going to do dishes or any kind of housework that involves getting your hands wet a lot or involves your hands being scrubbed I would definitely wear gloves and avoid any kind of exfoliants and any kind of products that would rub the skin off of your hands. And also avoid any creams or lotions that would exfoliate your skin. So that is how you get a nice dark long lasting stain from your henna.

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