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How to Apply Gems, Gilding and Glitter Pastes to Henna

Learn how to apply gems, gilding and glitter pastes to henna designs from expert Lisa Butterworth in this Howcast video about henna and mehndi art.


I'm Lisa Butterworth sometimes known as Kenzi and I'm a henna artist and the owner of a henna supply business, Today I'll unleash your inner henna artist and have you drawing henna designs all over your friends and anyone else who will sit still. After you have finished your henna design,and it's the next day and you just have the stain, it's really fun to bling up your design with to try to draw some attention to the design by adding crystals and glitter. So this something that you do after the paste has been removed and you have the stain because it washes off. So if you want to add crystals, you can just get these at any craft store,and then you get eyelash glue, and I just have a little dot of this eyelash glue right here, and you just pick up the crystal here with tweezers and just dip it very gently in the eyelash glue, and then stick it someplace on the design. And I like to put it in the center of flowers or right here on the part of the paisley where it's a solid dot. So dip it in the eyelash glue, just stick it right on the design. So personally I like to just have a few little accents so it doesn't overpower the henna design but still kind of draws attention to different parts of it. The other thing that's really nice to add to henna designs is some glitter glue, and this you can make at home just using just regular cosmetic grade glitter and hair gel or some kind of glue that dries clear. And I just put it in one of these dracar bottles just like I do the henna. Screw on a tip and then you can just draw it onto your henna design just like you do henna. And again I like to just do it as an accent, just something to kind of draw the attention to certain parts of the design. Like maybe the curve of some line. And you can make the the glitter glue in any color you want. Anything any color of glitter that you can find will determine the color. And then uh you can get the crystals to match that and do those in a color that either matches or goes with it. And just accent it wherever you like. This will take maybe ten minutes to dry and then you can go out and show off your henna with all the glitter and the gems making it all sparkly.

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