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What Are the Highlights of the Aria Las Vegas?

Learn about the highlights of the Aria Las Vegas from Sin City expert Mike Myers in this Howcast video.


My name is Mike Myers. I am the owner of Legion Marketing; my expertise is in nightlife. I believe that I know the best and brightest of everything that's in Las Vegas. I can help you skip the lines, skip the bad spots, basically cut the fat.

First and foremost I think the best thing about Aria, it's the fact that it smells like oatmeal cookies. There is the company that actually pumps the scents into casinos and Aria was the first one to really utilize it. Haze Night club is their most popular attraction. It's a big night club, you know lots of world renowned DJ's and celebrities. Liquid pool is a pool which is also run by the light group; cold munch is also across the way from the Elvis show which, the music is considered to be little bit outdated for the current audience. But for a true Elvis fan, it's actually a really a treat for the senses. Bar Masa is a very popular sushi restaurant. American fish has one of the best menus that I have ever seen. Serial is the best spaghetti in Las Vegas. Todd English pub has nickel beer night on Tuesdays, which is amazing considering its inside a casino and they also have a beer chugging contest where if you go up to the bar they have hour glasses and if you can tug your beer in 7 seconds your beer is free. Used to be a unlimited beers and then a friend of mine and his friend went in there and did 17 glasses of Guinness and then they ended up taking that rule away and now it's supposed to be two beers per day. It's definitely doable I've seen guys do it, I've seen girls do it in 15 for 15.

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