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What Are the Highlights of the Rio Las Vegas?

Learn about the highlights of the Rio Las Vegas from Sin City expert Mike Myers in this Howcast video.


My name is Mike Myers. I am the owner of Legion Marketing; my expertise is in nightlife. I believe that I know the best and brightest of everything that's in Las Vegas. I can help you skip the lines, skip the bad spots, basically cut the fat.

The Highlights of Rio Las Vegas: There's a wine cellar hidden in the basement of the Rio. It's a true gem in an otherwise forgotten casino, containing one of the biggest wine collections in the United States. The wine cellar is know for its inventive wine and cheese whites and you can also pick up a rare bottle of wine for your collection or a bottle of magnum of Rothschild's for that special occasion.

Two floors above the wine cellar is Martorano's Italian Restaurant, known for his bad-boy image and infinity for DJing and cooking at the same time. This nighttime destination is truly the only youthful place to eat at the Rio and it's next door to the Chippendales show so it's a good spot to find a group of girls either coming or going to the show. That being said, the Chippendales show is probably the number one attraction to the casino now that the World Series of Poker is said to be moving. But they also put the Chippendale show next to the exits so the casino doesn't reap all the benefits of the groups of women. Just bad planning I guess.

One shining light at the Rio is their high end suites known as the Palazzo suites. They actually existed before the Palazzo Hotel. They're big and very nice, they don't seem to belong at the Rio at all. Many high end gamblers stay there because of the private gambling in the back, where you never actually enter the Rio itself and because it's part of Cesar's entertainment they have access to the largest gambling database in the world.

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