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What Are the Highlights of the Palms Las Vegas?

Learn about the highlights of the Palms Las Vegas from Sin City expert Mike Myers in this Howcast video.


My name is Mike Myers. I am the owner of Legion Marketing; my expertise is in nightlife. I believe that I know the best and brightest of everything that's in Las Vegas. I can help you skip the lines, skip the bad spots, basically cut the fat.

Once the hotspot of Las Vegas, The Palms has taken the backseat in the past few years but seems prone for a comeback. Rain was the first mega club to gain notoriety nationwide due to the popular TV show the Real World which introduced the mayhem that has Las Vegas to a new and youthful market and from there the Palms' exploded. Ghost bar and Moon are both on the top floors of the two towers but neither is considered to be a hotspot by anyone in the know, neither is Rain really for that matter. The pool is very popular on Fridays for their ""ditch Fridays Campaign"" that's about it. There are some interesting themed rooms, like the Barbie room which is decorated in all pink like a Barbie house and then there is the hardwood suite, which has a full size basket court inside it with fold a way Murphy beds inside the walls for stragglers from last night's game.

Nine Steakhouse is a true phenomenal that is always busy and full of beautiful people perhaps it's the inventive menu or perfect steaks or perhaps the other two true dining experiences at the Palms, no included the Mexican restaurant or the 24hr Cafe are actually on the top floor of the Towers and hence not very accessible.

On the opposite end of the property is Palms place, which is their attempt to a calmer hotel built during the economic and real estate boom of years past. The building sits most empty, a good place to find a nice room at a nice price if you don't mind being sort of alone and you don't mind the long walk to the actual casino itself.

On the lower level of the Palms sits Simon Restaurant and pool neither of which make money except on Sundays for a brunch which has found a nice niche and does very well. Picture young people in their pajamas eating pancakes and drinking from the bloody mary buffet.

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