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What Are the Best Las Vegas Restaurants?

Learn about Las Vegas restaurants from Sin City expert Mike Myers in this Howcast video.


My name is Mike Myers. I am the owner of Legion Marketing; my expertise is in nightlife. I believe that I know the best and brightest of everything that's in Las Vegas. I can help you skip the lines, skip the bad spots, basically cut the fat. The good news is whatever you're looking for, we got it. Every hotel typically has a steakhouse, sushi, Italian, a fish house, and either a 24 hour cafe and/or buffet. You just have to pick your passion. Usually the price and somewhat the quality and ambience matches the casino. Fancy diner experiences flourish at the Wind and Bellagio. For more casual and fun eateries at the Hard Rock and The Palms. And the truly trendy, hipster locations about the Cosmopolitan. If you are looking for the best bargains then head to downtown. You can find good food at better prices because the rent isn't so high. So sometimes that translates into more money spent on ingredients and quality. But in my experience, you get what you pay for in Las Vegas.

Some great spots around town. The Bellagio has Yellowtail which is fantastic sushi and japanese fusion food. The Bellagio has Prime. Aureole at Mandalay Bay has an amazing 50 foot wine fairy that will go and- if you order a bottle of wine they will hoist her up on a pulley system so it's a pretty amazing experience. Next you have swans that are out back that you can feed while you are inside the restaurant. One bit my mother once.

Next on top of Mandalay Bay is beautiful. They actually have a night club that's connected to it. Inside the Luxor, there's no beautiful restaurants at Luxor so you can pretty well skip that. Monte Carlo has a Diablo's which is up front which is a more casual kind of bar, kind of restaurant area. Inside they have Andre's which is a really nice French restaurant. Aria has Todd English P.U.B. which is actually like bar food but it's the only bar food place in all of Aria so it kills it during the day. American Fish is the one of the best menus I've ever seen inside Aria.

At the Cosmopolitan STK is super popular. Scarpetta is a really popular restaurant. Milos is that great fishery inside the Cosmopolitan. Venetian has TAO, but that really more of an atmosphere than it is great food. Not that the food isn't great but that's not the reason why people go there. LAVO inside the Palazzo has the best meatballs in town. Palazzo has Sushi Samba which is really like kind of a hidden gem. They have one in New York and one in Miami but the one in Vegas to me is a different atmosphere because it's actually inside the mall, inside the Palazzo which the mall is completely dead and the Sushi Samba just has fantastic atmosphere. There's always good looking people, there's a great bar that's right inside, they have a lounge that's inside the back called Sugercane. So, that's another great hidden restaurant.

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