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How to Pick a Flattering Bikini Top

Learn how to pick a flattering bikini top from swimsuit expert Candace Draper in this Howcast video.


Hello, My name is Candance Draper and I'm a fit expert here at Canyon Beachwear. Everyone that works here at Canyon Beachwear is a fit expert. We know everything there is to know about bikinis. It's kinda eat, breath, sleep bikinis. So we're like the girlfriend you forgot to bring into the store. You can also find us online or at you can find us on Facebook and twitter as well under canyonbeachwear and today we're gonna be talking about swimwear. Ashley's wearing one of our most flattering swimwear tops that we have here at Canyon Beachwear. This is a top we have by Luli Fama. It can be for any body type. And it has a little closure here that you can adjust the cleavage, so if you want to make it looser, you can. If you want to bring them more together, you have the power to. This top is also padded in the inside with little hearts around the corners, it's so cute. But it gives Ashley a great neckline, and a great balance as far as the contrasting between her chest and her collar bones. This top also ties around the neck and it ties around the back. It's a great little top. It comes in this classic black, which you can never go wrong. Everyone needs a black swimsuit. In the front, you get a little bit of ruching here, which is extremely feminine, and it has almost that sweetheart neckline, which looks good on every woman. This top is great for any body because, whether you're flat chested or you do have a chest, it's still going to give you that great feminine physique that we're all looking for.

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