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How to Make a Formal Wedding Invitation Fun

Learn how to make formal wedding invitations fun with this Howcast video featuring expert Nicole Block.


Wedding Invitations: How to Make Formal Invitations Fun

My name is Nicole Block of the Nic Studio. I do stationary and illustrations, and I specialize in custom wedding invitations and special event invitations. My website is and I'll be talking to you today about wedding invitations. Couples find a location that they fall in love with and it's so grand but they're really more jeans and t-shirt people. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and that's great but I'm a strong believer that formal invitations don't have to be stuffy. So how do you keep it fun? Well you can go with a cool illustration but then maybe play around with your colors. Or maybe you want to go totally formal but then find some way of being fun and funky, just a little detail here and there to bring out your youth or your personality. This couple got married at the Central Park Boat House. It was actually a black tie event. I pulled together some images and sort of came up with this view that doesn't really exist of the boat house in Central Park. Elegant, clean, crisp, but still a lot of fun. This couple was getting married in a mansion. They were very young, 23 years old and they really wanted something that sort of kept with their youth. She was getting married in a lace dress which she loved so we incorporated the lace. We did this fun little polka dot theme going throughout and this has a little ribbon right here and you turn it on the back and there's this great little polka dot sort of design on the back. Finally, we have this one, one of my favorites. Couple was having a desert and dancing event. And they didn't want people to think that just because it was desert that people could come in jeans or what have you. They originally thought they would want a dancing couple surrounded by the skyline, but I said eh, everybody does the skyline why don't we do Park Avenue, you're getting married at a place on Park Avenue and the couple is dancing down here. Hope I've given you some great ideas. And remember formal does not have to be stuffy, ever. Thank you.

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