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How to Incorporate Color in Your Wedding Invite

Learn how to incorporate color into your wedding invitations with this Howcast video with expert Nicole Block.


Wedding Invitations: How to Incorporate Color

My name is Nicole Block of the Nic Studio. I do stationary and illustrations, and I specialize in custom wedding invitations and special event invitations. My website is and I'll be talking to you today about wedding invitations. Invitations do not need to be black and white, or beige or blue and white or pastel, okay? You should not be afraid of color in your invitations. No, it can be a little scary for some people and you think that it'll look less formal or a little tacky, but it won't. This client wanted to use a gray, white and yellow color scheme. She just wanted the yellow to be a great little pop to everything else. So as you can see most of it is this charcoal gray color and the pop comes in in the chandelier and their names and the chandelier in the RSVP and again in the chandelier in their thank you note. The turquoise blue envelope was there to give it a little extra something on the outside. And that's, you know, optional, but I sort of love the way it sort of plays into everything else and gives it a little more life, you know, color brings life into your pieces. Now if you're willing to be really crazy and risky, coral red, turquoise blue and brown color scheme. Take of the belly band, you open it up. The cards are tied in here with a brown ribbon. You take them out and their all different colors. So it's this really great interesting color scheme and it definitely gives the impression of heat and summer and water. Don't be afraid. Enjoy yourself and let your personality shine through in the color scheme.

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