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How to Create a Vintage or Retro Wedding Invitation

Learn how to create a vintage or retro wedding invitation from expert Nicole Block in this Howcast video.


My name is Nicole Block of the Nic Studio. I do stationary and illustrations, and I specialize in custom wedding invitations and special event invitations. My website is and I'll be talking to you today about wedding invitations. You may want a more retro or vintage feel to your wedding invitations depending on your taste or your location. Location is very important. Okay. You have to keep in mind where you're getting married. If you're getting married in a rustic farm setting maybe go for a vintage french feel inspired linens and toiles. If you're getting married in a ballroom maybe go for a classic art deco feeling or something a little bit more glam. I have a few examples for you. The first is the most obvious one. It's from my own invitation line. It's inspired by turn of the century advertisement and art. And very alphonse mucha inspired with the drawings and the line work. You can see the borders the fonts. It feels very early 20th century. So, you might want to do this if you're getting married in a mansion in a lace gown. And this we went with an art nouveau invitation. As you can see the invitation is very fun. All those swirls and twirls that are reminiscent of art nouveau. Lots of color. Lots of pops of color. And we decided to put it into a box so all of the pieces the invite, the RSVP, even the website card, which is very modern, obviously, would go into a box with this yellow ticking tissue paper. And it got wrapped up like this and I was actually in this great little craft box that was like labeled on the top and then sent through the mail. So, everybody got the invitation just like this. And finally, if you're getting married on a farm or an outdoorsy location. Try something like this. This is also from my line. It's suppose to feel french. There's chandeliers, and fruit and leaves. There's this great reception card that has these old french chairs in it and the birds. So, keeps it in the vintage feel, but it also keeps it a little bit fresh and fun and outdoorsy.

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