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How to Stay within a Budget for Custom Wedding Invites

Learn how to keep your custom wedding invitations within your budget in this Howcast video with expert Nicole Block.


My name is Nicole Block of the Nic Studio. I do stationary and illustrations, and I specialize in custom wedding invitations and special event invitations. My website is and I'll be talking to you today about wedding invitations. You can't expect a professional designer to lower their prices just to suit your budget. However, you can make smart choices to bring that budget cost down. The first would be sourced imagery. Instead of using custom artwork or custom illustrations from your designer for your invitations, you can use sourced or found imagery, or even fonts and they're probably free. This would be trees, this would be leaves, this would be bridges, this would be lots, and lots, and lots of options. The next options are printing options, different printing options all the way around. Letter press is the most expensive, letter press and engraving. So if you really want letter press, you have to expect to pay for it. If you can't afford it, don't do it. Digital is the cheapest, if you want to save the most money go with that. Offset is the next up. It's very versatile and can work well with your budget. Paper can range widely in price. If you want that expensive, cotton stock that you see all the letter press done in, you have to pay for it. Forget that and go for something more basic. That heavy weight card stuff that's just clean and smooth will work just fine for your invitations. Or if you want something a little bit more interesting, there are different textured papers as well. There's felt, there's lade, there's craft style. All of those can work in your budget and be a little bit less expensive, and work for your custom design. Maybe you do your own custom liners, or maybe you just get the regular mailing stamps. If you're gonna have one splurge out of the bunch, I always say go with the calligraphy. It will bring up the value of your invitations, as opposed to everything else on the list.

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