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How to Make a Pocketfold Wedding Invitation with a Designer

Learn how to make a pocketfold invitation with your designer in this Howcast video with expert Nicole Block.


My name is Nicole Block of the Nic Studio. I do stationary and illustrations, and I specialize in custom wedding invitations and special event invitations. My website is and I'll be talking to you today about wedding invitations.
Pocket folds are really desirable for wedding invitations especially if you have a lot information or events going on for your wedding weekend, and there are a lot of cards to include. Traditionally pocket folds are these guys, these are sold in any stationery store. You can glue in your invitation right here, cards go in this little pocket here, fold it up, secure it however you want put it in the mail. Here's my idea of a pocket fold, first of all you can see that there's art on the outside, the art wraps around, all the way around the invitation. You open it up, rather than there being an invitation glued to the interior, it's actually the invite itself. Everything is there the same way as a traditional pocket fold, just even more custom. A variation on the pocket fold theme is this guy right here, it's held together by a belly band, you open it up and you can see on the inside is my invitation and on this side rather than a pocket, there's ribbon attached, there's a little glue dot on the back to hold the ribbon in place. Another great idea in lieu of a custom pocket fold is this guy, it's a Z fold, this is how it comes, all the information's right here nobody needs to open this up to get their invitation, however if they wanted to the rest of the invite is right there. Close that up and all of the little cards for all of their events and information, fit right in here. It's a little bit different and a nice way to give your guests something a little bit more unique.

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